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In 1993, a group of professionals took advantage of liberalization of industrial policies in India and launched an import and distribution company under the banner of AEPL. Along side with this venture the group also launched an ultra modern factory to Manufacture Proview brand of products. Then in the year 2000 the second state of the art factory to manufacture Amrex brand of goods was set up. Since 2006 the group has shifted manufacturing outsourcing facilities to a select group of companies in China. Today product designing, technology customization, specifications essential for Indian environment and market conditions are developed at the group research center and then transferred to outsourced manufacturing facility for production. Offshore inspection and production line audit enables the group to maintain high quality standards and ensure that the outsourced agency completely comply with the brand specific technology.

The distribution network of the company is complimented with post sales service support facilities. PAN India stocking of goods, distribution of goods and a combination of onsite, Offsite return to bench and carry in warranty system presents a bouquet of unique value added services for channel distribution and retail sales. The regional offices are designed to cover the entire geographical spread to facilitate rendering of region specific customer services. Each regional office functions with complete operational autonomy as a profit centre enterprise under the stewardship of a senior regional head. These offices promote the vision of the company as stated in its corporate slogan “Attitude in Everything”. At every level, all functionaries aspire to uphold human dignity through the management excellence. The company’s global slogan for marketing Proview range of products is “Experience the Difference” which signifies delivery of real-time global technology at affordable prices.

Beginning with the manufacture of CRT monitors in the country, today AMREX has a complete basket of IT hardware products. which includes the full range of UPS, LCD monitors of different sizes and multi media speakers. Highly sensitive to the market dynamism of IT industry, the company is constantly engaged in updating the models and specifications of all its products. The stringent quality control at all levels ensures very high quality standards. The components are procured from best industry leaders of the world, for which company has its own offices at the industrial hubs. Recently company has also made its forays into the entertainment segment and has launched DVDs and Home Theatre systems of Global standards, which have met with great acceptance in the market.

The company has also made an entry into the Power Products. The usual emphasis in research has resulted in unveiling of a proven high frequency technology based inverters. These transformer less inverters, have a unique ability to charge the batteries at extremely low voltage, a feature most suited to Indian conditions. This product also ensures a pure DC charging. Additionally, these inverters are computer compatible, can therefore be aptly called HOME UPS. This is first time that such a product has been made available to the Indian consumers. The products features ensure longer battery life, more consistent power supply, while simultaneously protecting the appliances against the poor quality electricity supply in major parts of the country. The inverters come in 550VA, 600VA, 900VA and 1800VA range. All models of this product have been a great success in the energy starved parts of the country. Buoyed by this success, AMREX has also made forays into the domain of batteries. A good quality battery for inverters application, demands very high quality standards, they have produced an absolute WINNER, in the field of batteries. Amrex now provides complete solutions for power supply offering both the state of art batteries and the inverters of different capacities. The power product portfolio of the company today has in its fold the following products.

  • UPS in 700 and 1KVA capacity
  • High frequency Inverters in 550,600, 900 and 1800 VA capacity
  • Inverters Batteries in 150AH

Over the past decade company’s focus has been on excellence in quality for which they have various linkups with global technology leaders complemented with high quality technical support to achieve 99% operational up time, for all our range of products. A strong market research team continuously renders feedback of changing customer needs and India specific requirements, which are analyzed and used for product design and up gradation by technical teams located in India, Taiwan and China. This has enabled Amrex to deliver what the actual user wants and to uphold total customer satisfaction.

Presently, AMREX has both the IT hardware range and Power solutions. Their endeavour is to continuously enlarge this range with new and excellent products. The consolidated products are listed below

  • CRT Monitors. (15", 17", 17"DynaFlat)
  • LCD monitors (14, 15 and 17")
  • DVDs
  • Home Theatre/Multi media Speakers ( 2:1 , 4:1, 5:1)
  • Online UPS
  • Offline UPS
  • Inverters (550 VA, 600VA, 900 VA, 1800 VA)
  • Inverters Batteries
  • Networking Cables